Idiom | Go Apeshit

Idiom | Go Apeshit

Idiom | To Go Apeshit

The idiom ‘to go apeshit’ evolved from an earlier phrase, ‘to go ape,’ which most likely originated on college campuses in the southwest United States. The phrase made it way to American air-force soldiers fighting the Korean war where it morphed into ‘go apeshit.’ From there it has become a common phrase in the language, used by the likes of Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

The idiom has two different meanings. It can mean to be very excited or very angry. To understand which meaning, we need to look at the context of the sentence or situation.

「to go apeshit」という慣用句は、「to go ape」というフレーズが発展したもので、おそらくアメリカ南西部の大学キャンパスで生まれたものでしょう。このフレーズは、朝鮮戦争を戦っていたアメリカ空軍の兵士に伝わり、「go apeshit」へと変化していきました。そこから、Jay-ZやBeyoncéのような人たちが使う、一般的なフレーズとなりました。


Idiom Usage 使い方

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Close Up of a Chimpanzee About To Go Apeshit (

To “go apeshit” is almost a full phrase, but it needs a little help getting there. To make the idiom complete, we only need to add a subject.

Subject + Idiom

He + went apeshit.

There is a second form to this idiom; ‘go apeshit on.’ This form would be used only when it’s expressing anger and the speaker wants to make it clear who is the target of the hostility. Unlike the form above, we need to add an noun to the end.

Subject + Idiom + noun

I + went apeshit on him.

The idiom is vulgar, because it does use the word ‘shit.’ For this reason, it should only be used in casual situations. Also, because it uses a swear word, some people might take offense to hearing it.

go apeshitはほぼ完全なフレーズですが、少し手を加える必要があります。主語を加えるだけでOKですよ。

主語 + イディオム

He + went apeshit.

このイディオムには、「go apeshit on」というほかの形があります。この形で使うときは、怒りを表し、話し手が敵意の対象を明確にしたいときのみに使われます。上の形とは異なり、最後に名詞をつける必要があります。

主語 + イディオム+ 名詞

I + went apeshit on him.


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Examples 例文

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A Planet of the Apes Toy Capsule Vending Machine (G. McGregor/

I went apeshit when I found a ‘Planet of the Apes’ toy capsule vending machine.


I went apeshit on my ex-boyfriend when he broke up with me and I hit him with a frying pan.


If he finds out we didn’t invite him to the party he’ll go apeshit.


Use mnemonic! ニーモニックテクニック

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A Monkey Getting Ready To Throw a Fist-Full of Poop; Ubud, Bali, Indonesia (

A great mnemonic device to help you remember ‘go apeshit’ is to imagine an angry primate flinging its feces at a person.

Of course, we always encourage you to create your own mnemonic device. It’s much more effect if you do that.

Check out our post on mnemonics basics to learn more.

「go apeshit」を思い出すのに最適なニーモニックは、怒った霊長類が人に向かって糞を投げつける様子を想像してみることですね。



Variations 類似した表現

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Promotional Poster for the Original ‘Planet of the Apes’ Films
  • Go ape
  • Go ape-sweat
  • Go ape-nuts

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