Blue Laws & The Secret History of Sundae

Blue Laws & The Secret History of Sundae

Blue Laws & The Secret History of Sundae

The birth of the ice cream sundae and how it relates to Sundays is an interesting story. Most don’t think about where the word sundae comes from, but it has a lot to do with religion and something called blue laws. We’ll get to that in a moment.

First, let’s talk about how fond Americans are of ice cream. Just look at all the different all the different styles you can order in the US.

  • Ice Cream
  • Ice Cream Cone
  • Ice Cream Cup
  • Gelato
  • Soft Serve
  • Sundae

As mentioned above, you may have noticed that Sunday and Sundae both have the same pronunciation (sʌ́ndei). Do you know why?

It has to do with an interesting type of law called Blue Laws.


  • Ice Cream アイスクリーム
  • Ice Cream Cone コーンのアイスクリーム
  • Ice Cream Cup カップのアイスクリーム
  • Gelato ジェラート
  • Soft Serve ソフトクリーム
  • Sundae サンデー(アイスクリームの上にフルーツやシロップがのっている)



その昔、アメリカではBlue law(ブルー・ロー)という興味深い法律がありました。

What Are Blue Laws?

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A Poster for Andy Warhol’s Blue Movie, the First Film Depicting Explicit Sex to Receive Wide Theatrical Release in the US

Blue Laws were created as a sort of moral code in the United States and Canada. In particular, there were made to protect the Sabbath, which is a day of prayer and rest. For Christians, Sunday is the Sabbath.

Blue law restricted the sale of certain products (alcohol, tobacco, etc.) and banned certain activities (gambling, hunting, sports, etc.) on Sundays.

Most Blue Laws have been repealed in the US, but there are still some Blue Laws in use today.

The term ‘Blue Law’ is believed to be from the book ‘General History of Connecticut’ (1781) by Reverend Samuel Peters. Where he got the term from is unknown.

There are various theories as to why they used the color blue for these laws. Some believe that these laws were printed on blue paper. However there is no evidence to prove this claim.

Others believe the term derived from a now out-date usage of the word “blue” to mean something “rigidly moral.”

The true origins might be forever lost to history.


Blue law(ブルー・ロー)では、特定の商品(アルコール・タバコ等)の販売を制限したり、特定のアクティビティ(ギャンブル・狩・スポーツ等)を日曜日に禁止したりしていました。

Blue law(ブルー・ロー)という言葉自体は、Reverend Samuel Peters氏が本の中で記載したものが最初ではないかといわれています。


The Sundae Was Born Out of Blue Laws

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington Sunday vs Sundae
Vanilla Ice Cream on a Waffle with Caramel (

Blue law(ブルー・ロー)で、子供から大人まで大好きなあの商品の販売が日曜日に制限されてしまったことが事の発端でした。






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