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The following lesson contains minor spoilers for the 1986 film ‘Stand By Me.’

The story of “Stand By Me” is centered around a theme of endings, or death. The plot is about a journey to find a dead body. Beyond that, it’s about the end of summer, the end of being in elementary school, the ending of innocence, the end of childhood, and lastly the end of friendships.

不朽の名作「Stand By Me」から英語を学ぼう

1986年に製作された映画「Stand By Me」のネタバレも若干含んでおりますのでご留意くださいませ。

「Stand By Me」 の物語は終焉を軸に書かれています。死体をさがす旅がメインテーマではあるものの、夏、小学校、無垢さ、子供時代、そして友情の終わりについて繊細に描かれています。

American Schools in the 1950s

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Children Listening to a Phonograph in an Elementary School Class During the1950s (

In the 1950s, American schools were quite different from today.

Students of various levels are placed in the same class and study basic math, reading, writing, etc.

As students moved up to middle school, they were divided into classes according to their abilities. Students with good grades continued their studies and would be prepared for college and/or white-collar jobs. Those that were unmotivated or did not perform well were sorted into classes that taught technical trades, such as woodworking.

Knowing this historical background will help you understand the relationship between Gordie and Chris more, as well understanding the film more deeply.






Give Me Some Skin

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi - Stand By Me Movie
“Give Me Some Skin” Chris & Teddy Slapping Hands in the 1986 Movie ‘Stand By Me’

The last moments we see Gordie and Chris interacting is both heartfelt and melancholy. As they exchange their goodbyes Chris tells Gordie to ‘give him some skin.’

There is no exact translation in Japanese, as might also be the case in many other languages. For this reason, it might be mistakenly translated to “let’s shake hands.” This is not quite right, as this action is quite different from a handshake. Some would argue that it’s closer to a ‘high-five,’ which is raising the hands above the head and slapping them in the air. to slap in the air. It’s not quite that either.

This is a great example of how languages don’t perfectly translate to each other.

和訳ができない!?「Give me Some Skin」の解説

GordieとChris の最後のシーンは、胸が熱くなる哀愁がただようシーンとなっています。

さようならを告げたあと、 Chris は Gordie へ、「Give me Some Skin」といいます。

日本語にぴったりの表現がなく、動画内では、握手しようぜと 強引に訳したのですが、手をむぎゅって握る握手とは違います。手をパンパンと挨拶がわりにあわせる仕草となります。ハイタッチとも違うため、もはやしっくりくる日本語はありません。




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