Phobias | What Do You Fear?

Phobias | What Do You Fear?

Phobias Are Nothing To Be afraid of

What are phobias?

  • Phobia (noun 名詞)

An overwhelming and debilitating fear of an object, place, situation, feeling, or animal. Phobias are more pronounced than fears. They develop when a person has an exaggerated or unrealistic sense of danger about a situation or object.

The word Phobia comes from Greek word phóbos, meaning “fear” or “panic.”

Phobia can be used as a noun on it’s own or like a suffix.

I have claustrophobia. / I have a phobia of small spaces.

Around 10% of the people in the world suffer from some kind of phobia. Phobias mostly develop in childhood, usually by the age of 10. They can also appear later in life, especially after suffering a traumatic event. Phobias can be passed on, as children with a close relative with a specific phobia is more likely to develop it.

物、場所、シチュエーション、感情、動物への、圧倒的な、また衰弱させるような恐怖をさします。 「Phobia」は 「Fear」よりもっと強い感情です。シチュエーションや物に対しての大げさな、また非現実的な恐怖感をもつとき、恐怖症が形づくられます。

「Phobia」 という言葉はギリシャ語の恐れやパニックを意味する「phóbos」からきています。

「Phobia」 は名詞としても使われますし、接尾辞としても使われます。(下記例文を確認願います。)

I have claustrophobia. / I have a phobia of small spaces.

私は閉所恐怖症である。 / 私はせまいスペースに恐怖を感じる。


Common Phobias -a top 5 list-

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These are most common phobias found in the general population. They are all common enough that native speakers know them by their scientific names.



This is a fear of heights. People who suffer from this phobia usually have symptoms of spinning, which is called vertigo, may be unable to move, and/or faint. There is no specific height that triggers acrophobia. For some it could be from dramatic heights, like looking down from the top of a tall building. For others it could be simply being on a raised platform that is less than half a meter off the ground. Around 5% of the US population suffers from this phobia.



This is a fear of flying. People who have this phobia become extremely anxious when flying. In extreme cases it could be brought on by simply entering a grounded plane. In milder cases it could be triggered during turbulence. About 7% of the US population has a fear of flying.

飛ぶことへの恐怖です。この症状をもつ人は飛ぶことにたいして強い恐怖をかかえています。ひどい症状ですと、飛んでいない状態の飛行機にのっただけで恐怖を感じる人もいます。マイルドな症状ですと、揺れがおきたときに、恐怖を感じる人もいます。 米国の人口の約7%がこの恐怖症をかかえています。


This is a fear of germs, and possibly a a fear of getting dirty. People with this phobia tend to avoid public spaces, especially public restrooms. They tend to be extremely clean and disinfect everything in their homes, obsessively wash their hands, and/or use hand sanitizer. In extreme cases, the phobia might become so debilitating that a person with mysophobia may avoid leaving their home altogether. Around 13% of the US population is afflicted with this condition. A person with mysophobia could also be called a “germaphobe.” Notable people suffering from this phobia are billionaire Howard Hughes and former US president Donald Trump.

細菌に対する恐怖、また汚れることに対する恐怖です。この症状をもつ方は公共の場所、特に公共のトイレを避けます。家をとことんきれいにしたり、家にあるものをなんでも殺菌したり、また手を繰り返し洗ったり、消毒液をつかったりする傾向があるでしょう。ひどい症状になると、家の外へ全くでられない状況になってしまうかもしれません。 米国の人口の約13%がこの恐怖症をかかえています。 「mysophobia」の症状のある人は 「germaphobe」とも呼ばれます。この恐怖症をもっている著名人は 億万長者のHoward Hughesや、元アメリカ合衆国大統領Donald Trumpがあげられます。


This is a fear of public speaking and it’s classified as a social anxiety disorder. This phobia can range from just simply being nervous when standing in front of a crowd to being unable to speak at all. About 26% of the US population suffered from this phobia.

公共の場で話すことへの恐怖であり、社交不安症として分類されています。この恐怖症は群集の前に立つことでナーバスになるようなケースから、全く話せなくなってしまうケースまで色々とあります。 米国の人口の約26%がこの恐怖症をかかえています。


This is a fear of spiders. People that have this phobia become extremely anxious at the sight of a spider, even from just a photo of one. Their reactions might include; jumping, screaming, or simply becoming frozen with fear. A staggering 30% of the US population experiences some form of phobia from spiders. Statistically speaking, you or someone you know has arachnophobia.

There is even a popular film from 1990 called ‘Arachnophobia.’

蜘蛛に対する恐怖です。この恐怖症を持つ人は写真であったとしても、蜘蛛をみることに大きな不安を感じます。蜘蛛をみると、飛び上がったり、叫んだり、恐怖で凍りついてしまうこともあります。 米国の人口のなんと約30%が蜘蛛に対する恐怖を感じています。 統計的にいうと、この症状をもっている人はあなたのまわりに必ずいるということになります。


Bonus Phobias! おまけ


This is a fear of bears. Hopefully you don’t suffer from this.



Arithmophobia is a fear of numbers. This could mean a fear of all numbers, but usually it’s just specific numbers. About 10% of the US population suffers from this phobia. We made an interesting and informative video on this quirky phobia. Check it out!

Arithmophobiaは数字に対する恐怖です。すべての数字に対する恐れも考えられますが、通常は特定な数字への恐れになります。 米国の人口の約10%がこの恐怖症をかかえています。 恐怖症に関する、おもしろい、そして風変わりな動画を作成しましたので、さらに一緒に勉強していきましょう。

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