What Are Pet Names?

What Are Pet Names?

Pet Names Are Not What You Think

When some people hear the phrase “pet names” they about their pets. This is not what the phrase means at all.

Pet names are terms of endearment used affectionately towards family members and loved ones. These nicknames range from common to unique.

In many cultures is not uncommon for couples to give each other special names, so this idea is not so strange.

Pet names =ペットの名前ではない!?






ですので、 Pet nameには正解も不正解もありません。

A Darling Pet Name

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Two Donkeys Cuddling with Each Other in a Barn on a Farm (envato.com)

When many people think of pet names, “darling” is one of the first ones they come up with. For most younger people in the U.S., ‘darling’ is very old fashioned and not really preferred.

Pet names are a trend and new ones are always appearing.


日本ではなぜか「ダーリン」という言葉が英語の Pet nameの定番として考えられているような気がします。



What Is A Better half?

A Better half is your companion or partner, usually wife or husband.

In the U.S., married couples are viewed as a team. When you’re introducing your spouse you might call them your ‘better half.’ Literally you’re saying they are better than you.

It is a sly nice way of saying “I love you,” and in general it is a very nice way to treat the other person.

How is your better half?

She is good.

Let me introduce you to my better half.

There are two videos linked below. They are both in Japanese ONLY.

すてきな配偶者の呼び方:Better half

Better half =伴侶・配偶者をさします。





How is your better half?


She is good.


Let me introduce you to my better half.



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