Covid-19: Talk Like A Native

Covid-19: Talk Like A Native

Covid-19: Talk Like A Native

Everything in life has almost stopped because of Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean our language study should stop.

We’ve made a lesson and video to help learners talk about the Corona virus. It is, and will continue to be, a hot topic.

Let’s learn to talk like a native speaker by learning about Covid and the current situation in the United States.





Covid Vocabuary

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi - Covid & America
Used Medical Mask on the Street (

There are many specialized vocabulary words we need to know if want to talk about the Corona virus. We have summarized the most important words that are often heard in news.

We’ll also being using these words in our video (below), so make sure you know them before watching the video.

  • COVID-19

The current virus (as of 2021) spreading around the world.

  • Outbreak

When is a disease spreads out of control to a large number of people.

  • Vaccine

A substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against diseases.

  • To Get Vaccinated

To receive a vaccine, orally or through an injection.

  • False Information

Untrue information that is spread through social media and underground ‘news’ sources.

  • Transmissible

Ability (of a virus) to be passed on from one person or organism to another.

  • Delta Variant

The current (as of August 2021) Covid-19 virus.

  • Vaccine Holdout

A person who is waiting before getting vaccinated or doesn’t want to get vaccinated.

  • Resumption

The action of beginning something again after a pause or interruption.

  • Infection

The state of being infected (with a virus).

  • Hospitalization

To be required medical attention in a hospital, usually greater than 24 hours.

  • Mandate

An official order.

  • Anti-Vaxxer

A person who is opposed to vaccination.

  • Wear a Mask

The action of wearing a protective mask to stay free from infection.

  • Covidiot

A person who does not believe that Covid-19 is a real virus.




  • 新型コロナウイルス  COVID-19
  • 大流行 outbreak
  • ワクチン vaccine
  • ワクチン接種をうける get vaccinated
  • 誤った情報 false information
  • 伝染性の transmissible
  • デルタ変異株 delta variant
  • ワクチン接種を保留にしている人 vaccine holdout
  • 再開 resumption
  • 感染 infection
  • 入院 hospitalization
  • 命ずる mandate
  • ワクチン反対派 anti-vaxxer
  • マスクをする wear a mask
  • コロナウイルス感染症予防対策を無視したり、コロナウイルスを信じない等コロナに関して無知な人 covidiot

The Many Name of the Corona Virus

What is the Delta variant?

When Covid-19 first appeared in late 2019 many news organizations uses the name of the city, Wuhan, to describe the virus. As new variants emerged, many started doing attaching the new of the country or region to the variant; South African variant, Indian variant, etc.

This was discouraged by scientists as this naming convention quickly gave rise to racial issues, like profiling.




( Wuhan variant 、 Indian variant 等)



ニュースに取り上げられる変異株の名前には、他に、「Beta(ベータ)」、「 Lambda(ラムダ) 」があります。

Carrot & Stick

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi - Covid & America
Donkey Being Lead by a Carrot on a Stick through the Forest on an Early Misty Morning (G. McGregor/

When we talk about the “carrot and/or stick,” we talking about using rewards and/or punishments to achieve desired behavior.

The idiomatic phrase relates to donkeys, which are stubborn animals and won’t move easily. To get them going, riders have been known to dangle a carrot from a rope in front of them. The donkey wants to get the carrot reward, so this motivates them to move forward.

If the donkey isn’t interested in the carrot, the rider would then use to stick to whip the donkey as a way of using punishment to get results.

carrot and stick“は、望ましい行動に導くための、褒美と罰の併用をさします。日本語ですと、「飴と鞭」です。英語では「人参と鞭」になりますのでご留意ください。

ロバが頑固者でなかなか動かないときに、人参をぶらさげながら前進させようと試みます。結果をだすために褒美をさしだすやり方 ですね。

一方、ロバがやる気を失ってしまったり、人参に興味をしめさないようでしたら、今度は鞭を使います。 結果をだすために罰を使うやり方ですね。



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