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Naomi Osaka | Learn Real English

Learn Real English | Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka has made her much anticipated return to the tennis world in 2023.

In this lesson we’ll watch a clip of her on The Late Show with host Stephen Colbert. They discuses playing tennis, dealing with the stress of being a world famous pro-athlete, and being ok with not being ok. We’ll learn some of the key phrases and how to use them. A must watch lesson for any tennis fans.


このレッスンでは、Stephen Colbertさんが司会を務める『The Late Show』に出演した彼女の映像を見ていきます。テニスについて、世界的に有名なプロアスリートであることのストレスへの対処について、そして大丈夫でないっていっても大丈夫なんだということについて話しています。重要なフレーズとその使い方を学んでいきましょう。テニスファン必見のレッスンです。

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Transcript | Naomi Osaka on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi Learn Real English - Culture & Sports; Naomi Osaka The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Naomi Osaka Kissing Her Trophy
  • Did you ever reveal to him that you’re Naomi Osaka?

No, that’s weird.

  • Here you are. Tell me about this. Who is… who is this little girl? How old is she here playing on a public court here in New York?

You know, I don’t remember. I… I…

  • Do you remember those early lessons?

Yes, so I remember, like, grinding on those courts and my dad actually… I don’t know if I should tell you this, but like…

  • Oh, you definitely should tell us now.

Um, I just remember, like, watching all the other kids, like, take their take their summer vacations, aAnd we had to, like, be on the courts. Which I’m happy he made us do it now but, like, at the time I was so jealous of everyone else.

But I think I was, like, five. Maybe. Give or take.

  • Yeah. That’s when my mom had me start doing monologs.

  • You’ve become a champion in your own right of… of mental health. Of people being open about how they feel. You… you… you know, you said it’s… it’s ok to not be ok, which is sort of contrary to what is thought of as the conventional wisdom of sports. Like, you know, mental toughness, get back in there, and suck it up. Where did you learn that for yourself? Where did you find the personal courage in the face of that kind of pressure to be ok with not being ok?

That’s a hard question to answer. Um, I think for me… I’ve just always been taught to just kind of, like, stick it out or, like, work through it. Um, and I’m… and I think, like, that’s a very valuable lesson, because it has gotten me through a lot of things in my life. But… um… There was just a point where I thought to myself, like, why? You know? And not in a negative way, but, like, if I am feeling this way, why would I keep pushing through it when I can kind of confront it and fix it and then continue on my journey? Does that make sense?

  • Have other athletes… have any… have… have other athletes reached out to you or anything to say that they were inspired or moved by your example?

Yeah. So actually, um, I was kind of huddled up in, like, my house for a while after that whole thing happened. And then I went to the Olympics, and there were so many athletes that came up to me and I was so surprised and I was so honored because these are people that I watch on TV. And I, like, I felt really grateful and I felt really supported. So it was cool.

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