AFC Asian Cup 2024 | Learn Real English

AFC Asian Cup 2024 | Learn Real English

Learn Real English | AFC Asian Cup 2024

The AFC Asian Cup 2024 see the countries around Asia squaring off against each other to see who has the best team in the men’s football league. It’s also a qualifier for the next FIFA World Cup.

Let’s take a look at some commentary and highlight videos, learn some of the key phrases, and how to use them. A must watch for any football fans.



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Japan v. Iraq Preview Transcript

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi Culture & Sports; AFC Asian Cup 2024
Japan Celebrating After Beating Vietnam at the AFC Asian Cup 2024

Group D has Vietnam, Iraq, Japan, and Indonesia.

Brother, let me ask you this question. Is the worst team in this tournament in this group?

I’ll start off by just giving you a… a take.  


A… a Japanese based take and just see how you react. Japan has the potential to become the greatest team Asia has ever produced.


I believe this Japanese team will get first place because of their ability to press and choke an opponent out. Just like a snake that’s trying to kill its prey would do. Their technical ability on the ball paired with their insane momentum and potential that all these Japanese players currently have. To me Japan is the team to be at this tournament.

The things is, I agree with every single word that you just said. Japan are my title favorites. I have a lot of title contenders in this year’s Asian cup, but I have Japan ultimately lifting this title.

It’s a… It’s… I completely agree. It’s… It’s insane, but in the search for a flaw, if there’s any flaws in this team, I want you to, in a way, kind of defend Japan here because I’m questionable about this certain aspect. 

World Cup, insane result against Germany. They fucking beat them, bro.

That was insane.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That Costa Rica game…

I know, but, yeah. Keep going.

Does that… Is there an angle here where Japan can sometimes get  a little too comfortable or can just get too cocky? Cause they’re facing one of the worst teams in the tournament and found themselves struggling against them and ultimately losing, bro, after incredible results against Spain and Germany, man.

The way I take that is, I think that 2022 Japanese team was in the early stages of their success. I remember going into that World Cup. I was very high on Japan, but I was still very uncertain. Because again, they were very early in how they were playing. But that’s why I think this tournament is so important for Japan. Because, they can basically nullify that type of performance. They can prove to you and to me and to everybody that has that doubt that this team is continually evolving and only getting better. Or, they prove that it actually is a problem.

Japan v. Indonesia Highlights Transcript

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi Culture & Sports; AFC Asian Cup 2024
Samurai Blue Celebrating Their Victory Over Indonesia

Early pressure here from Samurai Blue. Doan (Ritsu Doan) with a through ball to Ueda (Ayase Ueda). Ueda (Ayase Ueda) goes down here. It’s Jordi Amat with a bear hug on the Japanese number 9.

The AI stepping in and it will be a penalty for Japan.

An early chance here to take the lead here.

Ueda (Ayase Ueda) brought down in the box and steps up to give them the lead shortly thereafter.

A textbook penalty. There is no stopping that even with the keeper going the right way.

Almost half an hour gone and next to nothing for Indonesia.

It’s been all Japan so far. Chance here though.

Ferdinan (Marselino Ferdinan) with a good build up play on the left. Decent ball into the middle.

Nakayama (Yuta Nakayama) at the near post with the clearance.  

Japan coming back strong here. Oh, lovely ball here over the top. Even better.

Second ball and nearly a second goal and what a goal it would have been as well.

One touch football at its finest.

It’s Nakamura (Keito Nakamura) denied by the woodwork.

Japan picking up where they left off. Plowing forward time and time again and it finds its way through to Ayase Ueda.

It’s a really well worked goal. Doan (Ritsu Doan) on the overlap. Fizzes it through. The number 9 with his second of the game.

Again it’s a ball over the top to Doan (Ritsu Doan). He’s got work to do. What a lovely chip but it’s just wide. Sensational effort. Surely a third (point) is coming. There’s just too much pressure on this Indonesian defense.

Cleared off the line by Justin Hubner. Doan (Ritsu Doan) with the header. Hubner (Justin Hubner) in the right place.

Not long to go now. Surely three points in the bag up for Japan. It looks like they’re hungry for a third though. Ueda (Ayase Ueda). Ueda (Ayase Ueda) for the hat trick. I’m not sure it will go to him but the goal will go to Japan. Is it Hubner (Justin Hubner) putting in to the back of his own net trying to make the block? It’s unfortunate for the Indonesian defender.

There’s not much time here. Sandy Walsh here at the back post and he snuck it in. Suzuki (Zion Suzuki) unable to deal with it. And Sandy Walsh pegs one back for Indonesia and that could be an important goal.

In the end, a relentless Japan are back to their best and booked their place in the knock-out stages with an impressive win.

Japan v. Bahrain Highlights Transcript

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi Culture & Sports; AFC Asian Cup 2024
Japan’s Yuta Nakayama in action with Bahrain’s Ali Madan (Reuters/Thaier Al-Sudani)

It’s been a really, really strong start here from Samurai Blue.

And it’s a ball in and a fantastic save there by Ebrahim Lutfalla.

And a rare trip forward into the Japanese half. A shot from outside the box but a simple save for Zion Suzuki there to deny Ali Madan.

A little over half an hour gone. Japan now looking the more likely to find the breakthrough here.

Maikuma (Seiya Maikuma) with a rocket off the woodwork. Doan (Ritsu Doan) with the follow up. Japan with the lead. It was a thunderous strike from Maikuma (Seiya Maikuma). It fell kindly to Doan (Ritsu Doan) who was first to react.

Japan with a deserved lead. A lead they take with them down the tunnel and it’s halftime as well.

Japan, they’ve really dominated things. They’ve won the ball back inside the Bahrain half. It’s given away cheaply. That is not the ball you want to be playing.

Japan with a second and second that will count. No offside there. Ayase Ueda, Hazza Ali and playing it into the path of Kokubo (Leo Brian Kokubo).

Japan and their complete control here of Bahrain. They need a way back into this. Now, perhaps and they have a ticket back into the game. It’s an own goal by Ueda (Ayase Ueda). Confusion between Ueda (Ayase Ueda) and his goalkeeper, Suzuki (Zion Suzuki), and the ball bubbles over the line. All of a sudden Bahrain are right back in this.

And even conceding, yet again, it has to be said, Japan still looking to make the better team here.

Another chance and another goal with Ueda (Ayase Ueda), who makes up for that own goal just moments ago. Nice slotting it through the keeper’s legs. Ebrahim Lutfalla unable to keep it out.

Japan looking for the fourth now. Doan (Ritsu Doan) at the near post. It is tight. Lutfalla (Ebrahim Lutfalla) does make the save. Not sure he knew too much about it. Off the heel and just wide.

Into stoppage time now. It looks like things are done and dusted.

Could there be a fourth for Japan? Ah, it probably should have been. Great ball through to Asano (Takuma Asano) who only had Lutfalla (Ebrahim Lutfalla) to beat. The substitute unable to find the back of the net.

It doesn’t matter though. Japan stay on course in their hunt for a fifth Asian Cup trophy as they progress to the quarter finals to face either Iran or Syria after a convincing and dominant display against repeat winners Bahrain in the Education City Stadium.

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