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Indiana Jones | Learn English With Movies

Learn English With Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is one of the best known and loved action heroes from the 1980s, but he might just also be a sex offender. We’re taking a look at ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ arguably the best of the series, and learning some of the difficult vocabulary and idioms, plus we’re exploring some of the cultural points to help you understand this movie like a native speaker.

Is Indy the all-American good guy or a lowlife sex offender? Let’s find out.

インディ・ジョーンズは1980年代のアクションヒーローの中でも一番よく知られ、愛されている人物でしょうね。でも、彼は性犯罪者でもあるのかもしれないんですよ。今回は、シリーズ最高傑作とも言われる「レイダース 失われたアーク《聖櫃》」を取り上げ、ネイティブスピーカーのように理解できるように、難しい語彙やイディオム、また、文化的な知っておくとよいポイントを勉強していきましょう。


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Video Vocab: Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones In Prison Crying (A. Pappas/AI Media Creation)

Did you have any difficult understanding the video? Don’t worry, there’s a lot of difficult phrases in there. We made a vocabulary list to help give you a better understanding of the slang, idioms, and difficult words used throughout the video.


➣Nouns 名詞

◆Sex offender

A person who commits a crime involving a sexual act.

In the US, if you’re a registered sex offender it’s very difficult to find an apartment to rent.




A dishonest, unkind, or unpleasant person.

There’s a lot of scumbags in this part of town, so be careful.



◆Statutory rape

Sexual activity in which one of the individuals is below the age of consent.

My college roommate got arrested for statutory rape senior year after he had sex with a freshman.



➣Adjectives 形容詞


A period or situation that is characterized by great unpleasantness or unhappiness.

The toilet clogging and overflowing in our room was our darkest moment on the trip.




Relating to or denoted by a title.

Dracula is the titular character of the book.




Of critical importance.

I had a pivotal role in getting our latest product to market.



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