Suspect Tries To Evade LAPD | Learn Real English

Suspect Tries To Evade LAPD | Learn Real English

Learn Real English | Suspect Tries To Evade LAPD

A suspect tries to evade the LAPD and things don’t go as planned, for both the suspect and the police. The video, taken by a local news helicopter, is hilarious, and also a bit embarrassing.

In this lesson we’ll take a look at how the news reporter covered the story and see what was said, learn some of the key vocabulary, and how to use them.



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Transcript | Suspect Tries To Evade LAPD

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A Man Wearing an “I’m With Stupid” T-shirt Arrested

And then you can see it right there. The suspect trying to get into somebody’s property or still trying to hide, but, um, doing a very, very poor job of it right there.

LAPD coming to a stop. Oh, come on, guys! He’s right there! The officer’s running right by him. Could… They… They’re… They’re going right by him.

Are… Are… Are, officers… I’m sorry, Angie, our pilot today talking on 02 trying to tell the officers that this suspect is right there.

And that… And I… And again, you just saw that.

Oh my goodness. I just feel so bad for those officers making their way back now.

It’s the blue car. There we go. Somebody’s get… Somebody’s getting the information. Somebody’s got to be getting the get the information.

Keep coming around, Ang, keep coming around. Keep coming around.

That suspect… unbelievable that we’re watching this live.

And you have to understand that these officers, they don’t know what… the information that we know.

But again, that LAPD helicopter just arriving. Here you go. Some of those officers must be getting that information. There you go.

There you go. And now that suspect’s going into custody. Wow! Wow. And they haven’t seen him yet. This is unbelievable. There we go. Oh my gosh.

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