Shaun of the Dead | Learn English With

Shaun of the Dead | Learn English With

Learn To Sound Like a Native With Shaun of the Dead

In this special Halloween lesson of ‘Learn English with Movies,’ we are studying the 2004 horror/comedy film ‘Shaun of the Dead,’ starring Simon Pegg.

In this lesson, we will be looking at the most British vocabulary and slang and learning what they mean. We’ll also be learning what Americans would say, since these words are unused and mostly unknown in the US. This is a great way to learn the some of the differences between American and British English.

*‘Shaun of the Dead’ is more of a comedy and less of a horror movie. This lesson doesn’t contain anything scary or overly bloody. The video focuses on the language.




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Fun Facts About Shaun of the Dead

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi Culture Movies Speak like a Native: Shaun of the Dead
Shaun of the Dead Poster

‘Shaun of the Dead’ is pack full of pop cultural references and a lot of interesting usage of language. Here are just a few bits of trivia and intriguing facts about the film.

The name Shaun can be spelt a few different ways. Shaun is the UK spelling, while Shawn is the usual spelling the US. To add to the confusion, it can also be spelt Sean, which is common in both the US and UK.

The title Shaun of the Dead is a play on the title ‘Dawn of the Dead,’ which is very well known zombie movie for a horror series spanning from the 1960s to present day. The director of ‘Dawn of the Dead,’ George A. Romero, liked this film so much, that he gave Shaun and Ed cameos as zombies in his 2005 zombie movie ‘Land of the Dead.’

Throughout the film, Ed can be seen a t-shirt that says ‘I got wood.’ To have wood is a slang term that means a man has an erect penis.

There are a number of cameos through out the movie. The most notable to international audiences are Martin Freeman and Chris Martin, lead singer of the rock band Coldplay. Martin Freeman has a small role as Yvette’s boyfriend. Chris Martin has a cameo as a zombie near the end of the film. He can be found when Shaun and Liz exit the cellar of the pub.

One last fun fact; we’ve already covered a number of British vocabulary and slang in this lesson here: Words That Might Get You In Trouble. Check it out to learn even more vocabulary and phrases.




「ショーン・オブ・ザ・デッド」の映画内で、エドは「I got wood」と書かれたTシャツを着ているのですが、「To have wood」とは、男性が勃起していることを意味するスラングになります。

この映画内にはゲスト出演者がたくさんいました。中でも注目されるのはマーティン・フリーマンとロックバンド「コールドプレイ」のリードボーカル クリス・マーティンの出演でした。マーティン・フリーマンはイヴォンヌの彼氏としてちょい役で出演しています。クリス・マーティンは、映画の終盤でゾンビとしてゲスト出演しています。ショーンとリズがパブの地下室から出るときに、でてくるゾンビです。


Video Vocab | Shaun of the Dead

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi Culture Movies Speak like a Native: Shaun of the Dead
Ed & Shaun Near the Shed with Their Zombie Fighting Weapons

Did you have any difficult understanding the video? Don’t worry, there’s a lot of difficult phrases in there. We made a vocabulary list to help give you a better understanding of the slang, idioms, and difficult words used throughout the video.


➣Nouns 名詞


A slang words for marijuana.

The police found some puff in his bag.




A slang word for the British pound.

The jacket cost fifty quid.



➣Verbs 動詞


To crash a motor vehicle or aircraft.

I pranged my car last week.



➣Adjectives 形容詞


Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

I was totally munted at the concert.



➣Phrasal Verbs 句動詞

◆Muck (something) up

To do something badly; mishandle something.

I tried to fix my computer but I mucked it up.



➣Idioms イディオム

◆Every now and again


I travel into the city every now and again.



◆Do a wee

To urinate.

Before we get on the train you should do a wee.



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