Rugby World Cup 2023 | Learn Real English

Rugby World Cup 2023 | Learn Real English

Learn Real English | Rugby World Cup 2023

The Rugby World Cup 2023 took place in France. What do sports commentators and fans think about the Japanese team this year?

Let’s take a look at some of the games, including a lot of highlights, and learn some of the key phrases, and how to use them.



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Rugby World Cup 2023 Japan vs Chile (Highlights)

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Japan Celebrates a Try During Their Game With Chile in France; September 2023

Underway in Pool D. Japan in the white, Chile in the red. The first historic moments of Chile.

Ayarza (Inaki Ayarza) has been busy so far before that. The fullback gets out of the first tackle. And gets away from a couple. Steaming away. He’s got the bloody Videla (Santiago Videla) besides him and they’ve got the overlay. Videla (Santiago Videla) didn’t get the pass. Marcelo (Torrealba Marcelo) and all the others still there. Four, Chile, but it’s going to be called back.

Almost through the line as that’s been stolen away just about from Saavedra (Clemente Saavedra). Lost his feet as he came.

Japan through the hole. Powering to the line. Amato Fakatava.

Initially wanted to go short side and that is the way he goes. Oh, stretching, reaching. Head over Nakamura.

Michael Leitch lost his headgear and now they moor. Now they grind and rumble the Japanese forwards. It’s Chile having a hard time peeling away. They can’t do so. And it’s their second try for Amato Fakatava.

Chile pounding away on this Japanese line. Looking for their second ever try.

Out the back they go crossfield kicks. Landed alright for Ayarza (Inaki Ayarza). The ricochet worked. Ayarza (Inaki Ayarza) is down but he’s strong. He’s over but he’s held up being bent by defense on the line from Japan. Torrealba (Marcelo Torrealba) dives on. He’s caught short. And now they go again and the try is given.

And Japan press. They keep coming right. They keep coming right looking for some space. Cant’ quite find it just there, but pressing and probing. And there’s the hole. But Inagaki (Keita Inagaki) stopped three meters short and now flat and hard and over.

That’s a hard work. Well worked try.

Scrum, starts to screw and they’ve earned a penalty out of this. Here’s Japan. Just options; left, right, and center. Crashing over. A well worked move by Japan.

Japan want one more before they’re done and it’s going to finally come. No, just short. Matsushima (Kotaro Matsushima).

Diving low and hard, desperate defense on the line from Chile again.

(unclear) Dearns (Warner Dearns) over the line this time.

Hands in the air for Japan, but the most important hand isn’t in the air. The eagle eyes on the side saw the dot down for the 21 year old.

The final icing on the cake for Japan.

It has been a wonderful occasion. History made in Toulouse.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Japan vs England (Preview)

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi Culture & Sports; Rugby World Cup 2023
Japan’s Ryohei Yamanaka (centre-L) Tackles Samoa’s Ray Niuia (centre-R) During a Rugby World Cup Warm-Up at Sapporo Dome (Photo by Richard A. Brooks / AFP)
  • Ok, what are you expecting from Japan?

Um, yeah, they like to move the ball about. Um, I think we’ve identified that. Started the week today just reviewing a bit of how they’re gonna play.

Um, we’ve kind of got an idea now as to, as to what their threats are. So yeah, we’re gonna kind of come up with a plan now to shut that down.

Um, it’s gonna be exciting to see how we go through the week and then perform on Sunday.

  • What did you make of Japan’s first game vs Chile?

Yeah, no. I thought the, um… they ended up running up a score really well. Obviously, incredibly dangerous with the ball.

Um, difficult conditions, um, because it was so warm. So, um… But they’re well used to that.

So again, the stuff that they’re good at, in terms of the ball movement, in terms of how they get you. So yeah, we saw all the things that you’d… we’d expect from a really strong Japanese team.

I think 12 of the 2019 team are playing. So they’ve a lot of cohesion, a lot of experience of winning in World Cups. Um, that definitely showed.

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