How To Quit Your Job | Learn Real English

How To Quit Your Job | Learn Real English

Learn Real English | How To Quit Your Job

Want to know how to quit your job abroad in style?

Joey DeFrancesco, a now former hotel worker at the Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel, might be the best person to ask. He didn’t just hand over a resignation letter. He got an entire brass band to assist him in tendering his resignation. In the process, he became an Internet legend and somewhat of a hero to underappreciated workers. Let’s take a look at the hilarious video, learn some of the key phrases and how to use them.


Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotelで働いていた、Joey DeFrancescoは、この質問を聞くのに最適な人かもしれません。彼は、ただ辞表を渡しただけではないんです。ブラスバンドに手伝ってもらい、辞表を提出したんです。こうして、彼は、インターネット上の伝説となり、過小評価されている労働者の英雄となりました。では、この面白いビデオを見ながら、キーフレーズとその使い方について学んでいきましょう。

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How To Quit Your Job Transcript

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Joey DeFrancesco Getting Ready To Hand Over His Resignation Letter To Boss, Jared

So, I’ve worked in this hotel, the Providence Renaissance, for three and half years. They treat us like shit here and I’m going to go in and quit right now with the help of my band mates.

Guys, what is this? Guys, all of you, out right now!

Jared, I’m here to tell you that I’m quitting.

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