Hiromi Uehara | Learn Real English

Hiromi Uehara | Learn Real English

Learn Real English | Hiromi Uehara

Hiromi Uehara, Japanese jazz composer and pianist, has become a well known figure in the music world in the last decade.

In this lesson we’ll hear her speak in English about music, performing live, and how she feels about the audience. We’ll learn some of the key phrases and how to use them. A must watch lesson for any music lovers, especially jazz fans.



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Transcript | Hiromi Uehara

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Hiromi Uehara Holding a Mini Piano

Basically the… I studied about the instruments that I don’t play.

I just really do love live performance because I can really feel people’s energy. Really positive energy.

And I always feel like going on is like trying to find friends who like same kinds of music.

And… you know, after I play, when I see all these smiles on the audience face, I just feel that, that finally, you know, I mean I just feel suddenly I got so many friends in the house. And it’s just such a beautiful way to connect to people.

Jazz music; I think what I love most about it is the improvising part, is you never like even, you know, the people who are on the stage and are actually playing the music we don’t even know what’s gonna happen tonight. And, that’s, that’s like, that’s an adventure.  

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