Ariana Grande Speaking Japanese | Learn Real English

Ariana Grande Speaking Japanese | Learn Real English

Learn Real English | Ariana Grande Speaking Japanese

Pop sensation Ariana Grande shocked and surprised Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, and her fans worldwide, when she started speaking and teaching some Japanese to the famous late night talk show host.

In this video lesson we’ll hear Ariana Grande teaching Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show host, some interesting Japanese phrases. It’s as funny as it is informative. We’ll learn some of the key phrases and how to use them. This is a must watch for any Ariana Grande fans!



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Transcript | Ariana Grande Speaking Japanese

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Ariana Grande Holding a Grammy Award

And then you can say, um, like, ‘I love you’ as a cute, like, affectionate, um, thing to say is ‘daisuki.’

  • Takski.


  • Takski! Takski! Going downtown?
  • Takski!

  • Here we go, alright.


  • Watashi-no…

Zettai ryouiki wa…

  • Zettai zuwiki wa…

Totemo sexy desu.

  • Totemo sucky see desu. Wait, that sounds like something else happened. Am I not finished?

Do you wanna know what it means?

  • No. Wait.

It means the space between my high sock and the hem of my skirt is very sexy.

  • Why would you want me to say that? Oh gosh. Oh my gosh.

First of all, why do they have a phrase for that?

  • I don’t know. I don’t know. (unclear) with you.

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