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Is vabbing the hottest new trend for American women? In this video lesson about American culture, we’ll learn what vabbing is and the culture driving it. Understand the trend that’s taking TikTok and social media in the US by storm.


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Vabbing English Transcript

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A Very Surprised Woman Looking Down (

So we need to talk about something pretty uncomfortable and it’s this right here; vabbing!


I see a lot of vaginas and I have never heard this before.


So, V-A-B-B-I-N-G.


I tried vabbing at the gym for the first time.


What is vabbing?

This is something that I think is going around on Tiktok right now and of course I learned it from Tiktok.

This is how you vab.

Here’s how I vab.

Take your fingers and you put it in your cooch (this is a slang term for a vagina).

Get up there, give’em a swipe.

You swirl it around for a second.

Dabb… Vabb… behind the ear.

And then you want to dab on your wrist and then onto your neck.

(She) puts in places you would normal put perfume; your wrists, your neck.

When a lover smells you and tastes you, your pheromones, your juices; and like wants to just be in you, it’s enchanting!

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