Grammar – Using ‘Go’

Grammar – Using ‘Go’

Grammar – Using ‘Go’

In this lesson we are going to learn about the grammar rules for using the verb ‘go.’

‘Go’ is complex and multipurpose word, which has many uses and applications. Its many uses often lead to mistakes for nonnative speakers.

In this lesson we’re going to focus on just one point of ‘go.’ Let’s look at a common mistake my learners make.

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❌I am going to shopping.

Could you find the mistake? If you did, congratulations!!! If not, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

The issue in the above sentence is adding a preposition before a verb in the –ing form (to shopping). This is a big no-no.

Let’s look at how to fix this.

Go  +  Verb (-ing form)

✔️I am going shopping.


Go  +  To  +  Verb (infinitive form)

✔️I am going to shop.   

If we wanted to express a place, rather than the action, we would build a sentence like this:

Go  +  To  + (Article) + Noun

✔️I am going to a shop.

The subtle difference in the last two examples is where English learners get confused. The addition of an article (a/an/the) can do that.

*Note: ‘go’ can appear in any of its forms (went, going, etc).

「go」は 簡単にみえますが、実は複雑で多用途な動詞です。



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❌I am going to shopping.




★答え★ 動詞+ing(=shopping)の前に前置詞(to)があることが誤りです。



  • ✔️I am going shopping.  Go+ing形の動詞 


  • ✔️I am going to shop.    Go +【To+動詞】


  • ✔️I am going to a shop.  Go + To + 名詞


*ちなみに‘go’ は、いろいろな時制でつかうことができます。

(例 I went shopping…など)

Adverbs of Place 場所の副詞について

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There’s almost always something in English grammar that doesn’t seem to follow the rule. For this grammar point, it’s ‘home.’

Go to home.

Not only is it grammatically incorrect, but it sounds whole unnatural.

✔️Go home.

‘Go to home’ is not good to say, but ‘go home’ is perfectly fine. This doesn’t really follow the grammar laid out in this lesson. 

The reason why ‘go home’ is correct is because ‘home’ is not a noun in this sentence. Rather, it is an adverb of place and prepositions, like ‘to,’ don’t work before an adverb of place.

To make ‘home’ a noun, we’d have to add a pronoun, like ‘my’ or ‘your;’ before it; “go to your home.”

Here are some other common adverbs of place that follow this same rule:

  • up
  • down
  • back
  • somewhere
  • inside
  • outside
  • abroad

上記のようにしっかり文法を勉強していると、‘Go to home’ といいたくなりませんか。残念ながら ‘Go home’ が正しい言い方です。

なぜ ‘Go to home’ は文法的に誤っているのでしょうか。

それは、この文章では、‘home’ が【名詞】ではなく、【場所の副詞】だからです。


‘home’ を名詞として使うためには、‘my’ や ‘your’ のような所有格を前におかなければなりません。 

例)Go to your home.

場所の副詞を下記へ記載します。‘home’ 以外にもいろいろとあるのでこれを機会に覚えていきましょう。

  • up 上
  • down 下
  • back 後ろ
  • somewhere どこかに
  • inside 内部
  • outside 外部
  • abroad 海外

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