Trevor Bauer Scandal | Learn Real English

Trevor Bauer Scandal | Learn Real English

Learn Real English | Trevor Bauer Scandal

Former pitcher for the LA Dodgers, Trevor Bauer, has signed on to play for the Yokohama DeNA BayStars. In this lesson, we’re going to take a look at at Trevor’s press conference in Japan as well as the news surrounding the accusation of sexual assault. Let’s see what was said and learn how to effectively use English.

ロサンゼルスドジャース の元投手、トレバー・バウアー選手が横浜DeNAベイスターズでプレーすることが決定しました。このレッスンでは、トレバー選手の日本での記者会見の様子と、性的暴行の告発をめぐるニュースを紹介します。どんな発言があったのかを確認しつつ、英語を学んでいきましょう。

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Trevor Bauer Interview & News Transcript

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Faded Photos of Trevor Bauer & Lindsey Hill (Creator: Thearon W. Henderson)
  • Trevor’s Japan Press Conference

I’ve always wanted to play, um, here in Japan. The, um, passion for baseball… um, the love for baseball, so, I’ve always wanted to play here.

Well, I want to, um, win, um, a championship. So, that first and foremost. I wanna win. I wanna win the games I pitch. Um, I wanna win the championship.

  • News Report #1

Breaking news here on CBS Sports HQ. Major League Baseball has suspended Dodgers’ pitcher Trevor Bauer for two seasons for violating the league’s joint domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse policy.

  • News Report #2

Trevor Bauer sat silently as accused… as her… as his accuser recounted her tale of sexual assault.

She insisted she did not agree to the extent to which Bauer assaulted her during so called ‘rough sex,’ especially after their second and final encounter in May.

Quote, “I did not consent to bruises all over my body that sent me to the hospital and having that done to me while I was unconscious.”

And then answering why she sought this court order; “I knew I would be slut-shamed,” she said, “but it was worth it for me to get protection from Trevor Bauer.”

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