Dead English Words

Dead English Words

Dead English Words

Languages are alive. Every day they are changing. They get bigger, and sometimes they get smaller. Every generation brings their own set of hip, new vernacular. Younger people, mostly, challenge language by bending or breaking conceived grammar rules, changing the set meaning of words, abandoning words that have no use or meaning, or conjuring up wholly new phrases and vocabulary. Sometimes these changes are short-lived, last a few years. Other times it can have a lasting effect on the language, like a word becomes dead. 

In this lesson we’re going to be focusing on a set of phrases/words that are dead, have become obsolete, or have complete changed meaning.





B. Bearingtonが、また歌います。そして、ライブ会場で瓶が投げつけられる一幕も・・・。


◆ Get Tight (obsolete slang)

To get intoxicated.


  • On Friday we all get tight after work at the izakaya down the street.
  • この先にある居酒屋で、金曜日仕事が終ったあと、僕たちはみんなで酔っ払うよ。
  • We got tight last night after the movie.
  • 昨晩、映画を見た後、僕たちはみんなで酔っ払ったよ。
The Kinks’ song ‘starstruck’ uses ‘get tight’ in the lyrics.

◆ A Gas (obsolete phrase)

Someone or something that is fun, a good time, someone or something that makes you laugh a lot.  

【現代では使われていない意味】 誰かや何かが楽しい・おもしろい / 最高の経験

  • You’ll like Brenda, she’s a gas.  
  • あなたってBrendaみたいね。彼女は本当におもしろいよ。
  • The movie was a gas.
  • その映画は本当に楽しかったよ。

◆ Gay (adjective, obsolete meaning)

Happy, joyful, light-hearted and carefree.

【現代では使われていない意味】幸せ / 楽しい / 屈託のない / のんきな

  • It was a beautiful wedding and everyone seemed to have a very gay time.
  • 美しい結婚式だったね。みんなとても幸せな時間を過ごしていたようにみえたよ。
  • Even after losing all his money Jude had a gay disposition.
  • 全財産を失ったても、Judeはのんきな気質のままだった。

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