Lars Nootbaar Japanese Roots | Learn Real English

Lars Nootbaar Japanese Roots | Learn Real English

Learn Real English | Lars Nootbaar Japanese Roots

St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Lars Nootbaar talks about his Japanese roots in a special message to his young fans. In this lesson, we’re going to take a look at what he said, learn some of the key phrases, and how to use them.


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English Interview Transcript

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Lars Nootbaar at Bat

Lars loves talking about his Japanese-Dutch roots, specifically he loves talking about his mom and her Japanese heritage. Lars even gave us advice for kids who might need to hear some encouraging words about their backgrounds.

I would just say, totally, just like lean into it. You know?

It’s like being Japanese, is part of who I am, you know? And I take pride in that.

And I don’t step out of my lane and try to act overly boisterous about it, but it is who I am. It really is who I am and it’s who my mother is and so I’m definitely comfortable doing those things.

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