Idiom | Age Like Milk

Idiom | Age Like Milk

Idiom | To Age Like Milk

The idiom ‘to age like milk’ is an interesting idiom, mainly because it is the opposite of the older idiom ‘to age like wine.’ It means to age badly, get worse with time, and/or look bad in hindsight.

Unlike many idioms that are commonly used, this one is incredibly young. It sprung into pop culture around 2006, notably being used by comedian Jeff Dunham. Unsurprisingly, the actual origins are unknown.

「to age like milk」は面白い慣用句です。といいますのも、「to age like wine」という古い慣用句の反対の意味をさしているためです。これは、惨めに年をとる、時間とともに悪くなる、後から見ると悪く見えるという意味です。


Idiom Usage: To Age Like Milk 使い方

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To “age like milk” is almost a full phrase, but it needs a little help getting there. To make the idiom complete, we only need a subject.

*Remember to put the verb ‘age’ into it’s correct form.

Subject + Idiom

His advice + aged like milk.

The idiom is more appropriate in casual situations than formal ones.

To “age like milk “はほぼ完全なフレーズですが、少し手を加えるが必要があります。このイディオムを完成させるには、主語を付け加えるだけで大丈夫です。


主語 + イディオム

His advice + aged like milk.


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Examples 例文

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi Idiom: Age Like Milk
Golden Dogecoin Cryptocurrency (

Your advice on cryptocurrency has aged like milk.


You will age like milk if you don’t get enough sleep.


The scientist’s theory aged like milk.


Use mnemonic! ニーモニックテクニック

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi Idiom: Age Like Milk
Rebus Drinking Milk in Westworld (

Just think about a jug of milk sitting out in the hot sun. It won’t take long before it spoils. Drinking it would be a bad idea.

Of course, we always encourage you to create your own mnemonic device. It’s much more effect if you do that.

Check out our post on mnemonics basics to learn more.




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