Ghostbusters Afterlife | Learn English With

Ghostbusters Afterlife | Learn English With

Learn To Sound Like a Native with Ghostbusters Afterlife

Learn to talk like a native speaker with 2021’s ‘Ghostbusters; Afterlife.’

This action sci-fi move is about battling the supernatural forces of ghosts in the American heartland. We explored some of the most useful vocab in our video to help you understand this movie like a native speaker.



Part II

Check out the second part of our video on Ghostbusters; Afterlife where you can study even more language. This time we’ll be focused on just one scene. Learn to talk like a native as we explore the real meaning of what’s being said.

Video Vocab | Ghostbusters Afterlife

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi Culture Speak like a Native: Ghostbusters Afterlife
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Did you have any difficult understanding the video? Don’t worry, there’s a lot of difficult phrases in there. We made a vocabulary list to help give you a better understanding of the slang, idioms, and difficult words used throughout the video.


➣Nouns 名詞

◆Soft Reboot

A remake a film that follows the same basic story of the original but also continues the story, usually by introducing new main characters.

Soft reboots are really popular in Hollywood now.



◆Nowheresville (noun 名詞)

A location lacking identifying or individualizing qualities. A generic location.

It costs too much to film the movie in Los Angels so we set the story in Nowheresville.



◆-Mobile (noun 名詞)

A suffix used to form a particular type of vehicle, particularly one to transport the person or thing described by the word to which the suffix is attached.

I saw the batmobile at the car show last year.



◆Nonsense Word (noun 名詞)

A string of letters that may resemble a word but does not appear in any standard dictionary. Created to keep language ‘clean’ or for comic effect. Sometimes called a pseudoword.

He seemed really angry. He said yelled a bunch of nonsense words and then left.



◆Home Run (noun 名詞)

A complete success.

Her idea was a home run.



➣Adverbs 副詞

◆No Way

To tell someone that something is impossible.

There is no way we can travel there now.



➣Adjectives 形容詞


Very difficult or demanding.

That was a killer exam.



◆Family Friendly

Suitable for or aimed at families with children.

Disney movies are usually family friendly entertainment.



➣Idioms イディオム

◆Catch 22

A difficult circumstance from which there is no good solution or escape.

No matter what we do we’re going to lose money. It’s a real catch 22.





A mild expression of annoyance or irritation.

Drat! I forgot my Smartphone at work.



Keep Studying

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi
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