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George Harrison | Learn Real English

George Harrison | His REAL Feelings About Japan

Former Beatle George Harrison embarked on the last tour of his career to Japan in 1991. In an interview from that same year, the ex-Beatle talked about his real feelings about Japan and Japanese audiences. In this lesson, we will take a look at the interview, learn some of the key phrases and how to use them.


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Interview Transcript: George Harrison

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George Harrison on Tour With The Beatles Playing Guitar Circa 1965
  • And um, how do you like the Japanese audience? I noticed that you’ve picked up a little Japanese.

I like them very much. I like that Japanese people are very polite.

Now, some people don’t like to play to them because they think they’re very quiet after American audiences. But, I like them. They’re very nice people. They listen and they applaud.

And once you get used to the fact they’re not all drunk and screaming, like they are in America, maybe then I… it’s… it’s okay.

It was better for me to test the atmosphere here. It was Eric’s (Eric Clapton) idea actually, because the audiences are known to be appreciative. Whereas, you just don’t know what’s gonna happen if you go in Europe or America.

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