Make Your Pronunciation Sound Like A Native

Make Your Pronunciation Sound Like A Native

Mastering The ‘Flap T’

Have you heard of the ‘Flap T?’ Americans have a unique way of pronouncing some ‘T’ sounds, which is quite different to how speakers of British English voice the language.

It’s important to know that even if you check the dictionary there is no mention of ‘Flap T’ sound in the phonics.

Example: water

Phonetic: waw-ter or wot-er

IPA: ˈwɔ tər or ˈwɒt ər

The ‘t’ of water corresponds to the ‘Flap T,’ but it cannot be read from the phonetic symbol.

Let’s look at a rough overview so that you can easily remember it when and where to use this sound.

ネイティブに発音を近づけるコツ ~フラップT~




Phonetic: waw-ter or wot-er

IPA: ˈwɔ tər or ˈwɒt ər



◆Where To Voice The ‘Flap T’

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi Study Advice: Pronunciation Flap T
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Here are a few common situations where Americans make the ‘Flap T’ sound.

It’s important to note that stress of the word must come before the ‘T’ sound in order for there there be a ‘Flap T.’

  • When a ‘T’ is sandwiched between vowels (a, e, I, o, u). It does NOT matter if it happens in one word (water) or between two words (get up).

better, city, shut up, it is

  • When there’s a ‘T’ that comes after a ‘c’ /k/ or ‘s’ /s/ sound.

doctor, sister

  • When a ‘T’ is sandwiched between an ‘R’ and a ‘vowel.’

party, dirty

  • When a ‘T’ is sandwiched between a vowel and a ‘dark L.’ *

bottle, little

*A ‘dark L’ is produced when an ‘L’ is the last letter of the word or when an ‘L’ is followed by a consonant.

※To keep this lesson as simple as possible, we only included some of the basic rules.



1. Tが母音(a, e, I, o, u)にはさまれている場合

一つの単語内で上記が発生する場合(例:water)もあれば、リンキングすることで発生する場合(例:get up)もあります。

例)better、city、shut up、it is

2. Tが‘c’ /k/ もしくは ‘s’ /s/のあとにくる場合


3. TがRと母音にはさまれている場合


4. Tが母音とダークL*にはさられている場合


*基本的な概念として、ダークL は、L がその単語の最後の音の場合か、Lの後に子音が続く場合の発音とされています。


◆How To Make The ‘Flap T’ Sound

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi Study Advice: Pronunciation Flap T
An Explosive Demonstration; Blowing Fire (

‘T’ is what’s called an explosive sound. Air literally explodes out of your mouth when you make the sound. The ‘Flap T,’ on the other hand, is weaker and sounds like a soft ‘D.’

Americans aren’t fully conscious of the sound.

◆フラップT(Flap T)の音




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