Idiom | A Second Wind

Idiom | A Second Wind

Idiom A Second Wind

The idiom ‘to get a second wind’ means to have a burst of energy again after being tired, either physically or mentally. The idiom came into use in the 1830s. Wind, in this case, actually means breath. To become or get out of breath, like when running or doing something physical, is to become tired or fatigued.

‘to get a second wind’というイディオムは 体力的、もしくは精神的に疲れた後に再度元気を取り戻すことを意味します。1830年代に使われるようになったイディオムです。ここで使われているWindは実際には息を意味します。走ったり体力を消耗するようなことを行い、息が切れるという状態は、疲れてぐったりしていることをさしますよね。

Idiom Usage A Second Wind 使い方

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Wind Farm in Roscoe, Texas America (

This idiom is simple to use. It only needs a subject to function correctly.

Subject + Get a Second Wind

I got a second wind.

The article ‘a’ can also be swapped out for a pronoun like ‘my.’

a ⇒ my

I got my second wind.

The idiom can also be tacked on to a sentence to create a more complex idea.

See the examples below. ⬇️

It’s most common to see this idiom used in the positive form, but it can also be used in the negative and question forms.

It can be used in the past, present or future, just be mindful of the verb change.


主語 + Get a Second Wind

I got a second wind.  元気を取り戻した。

冠詞 ‘a’ は 代名詞 ‘my’に置き換えることも可能です。

a ⇒ my

I got my second wind.  元気を取り戻した。



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Examples 例文

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Tired businessman Sitting at His Desk in the Office (

It’s been a long day at the office already, but I’m getting my second wind.


After I get some coffee I think I’ll get my second wind.


She looked really tired an hour ago but she must have gotten her second wind.


I’m getting my second wind right now.


Use mnemonic! ニーモニックテクニック

English Stripped Bare - B. Bearington & Naomi - Idiom; Get A Second Wind
Tired Woman in Sportswear Breathing Heavily After Running (

Imagine you’re running and you are out of breath. You feel like you can’t run any more, but suddenly you feel more air filling your lungs. A new, or second, breath has filled your body with energy and suddenly you can run again. You have gotten your second wind.

Of course, we always encourage you to create your own mnemonic device. It’s much more effect if you do that.

Check out our post on mnemonics basics to learn more.

自分が走っていて息を切らしていることを想像してみてください。もう走れないっていう気分になったところ、突然肺に空気がぐんとはいってきて、一息、二息としたところ、元気がよみがえってきました。そのおかげてもっと走れるようになりました。 You have gotten your second wind. =元気を再度取り戻すですね。




Variations 類似した表現

  • Hit a second wind

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